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Oh you Pretty Thing

Gotta make way for the Mother Superior

27 April 1964
i like taking pic's, i like posing, i like playing with my family, i like swimming, i like trying to keep fit, i like food [hence why i try to keep fit], i like reading, i like shopping [either buying or window shopping], i like drawing, i love my family [well some], i like watching my team WIN, i love my dog's, i love having a laugh, i like going on ebay an getting stuff, i like to cook and see it get eaten, i love being me, i love the snow, i love the rain, i love the sun, i love autumn, i love spring, i love winter, i love summer, i love being cuddled, i love to cuddle, i love singing at the top of my voice, i love my kids being silly, i love sunsets, i love trees, i love music, i love comedy,

tRy noT to Be inTimiDatEd bY thE BOldneSs of Any rEquEst...yoU nEVer knOw WOt wiLl be YOur neXt pAssIOn uNleSs yoU tRy iT ...sO go On...:)

i hate being upset, i hate upsetting others, i hate backing down when i feel i am right, i hate racists, i hate cruelty, i hate not getting things, i dislike being cold,i hate arguements with no reason,